Tuesday, September 8, 2009

plaid pants

I love these pants... ok ok I know you hate them. Most people do. The guys at work pick on me mercilessly when I wear them. Today one guy said, "It's nice that you get to wear you pajamas to work." He snickered at me and I just said, "These pants are cool! What do you know about cool anyway?"

When I first dropped from a size 22 to a 20 I got these pants at Goodwill, and now they are getting a little bit big on me. I just have to say I am going to miss these pants when they are too big for me. I probably wouldn't even think about it but I don't really have a lot of clothes that I really like. Typically when I shop for clothes it goes like this...

Do they have it in my size?
Does the marked size actually correspond to my size?
Does it cover all the curves and bulges?
Is it at least not hideous?

If I answer yes to all these questions I buy it.

One of the things I think about while I am working out is how great it be to go shopping when I can go to any store and buy clothes off any rack. I do love these pants but even better will be loving all my clothes when I can actually wear what I want.


  1. When you love some piece of clothing you have, it doesn't really matter what anyone else says, does it? Like you, I dread growing too small for my clothes. Don't get me wrong, I love getting smaller, but I also miss some of my favorite clothes. I loathe clothes shopping, so that is not a motivation for me at all.

  2. Your list of four is exactly how I used to have to shop, and I have to say it is much more fun now...and sometimes? I try something on, it fits, and I don't buy it! I no longer have to buy anything that I can get on...I get to pick and choose now!

    I'm excited for you to be able to shop in regular stores - I know you will absolutely have the best time!

  3. It does get more fun, doesn't it, and also more expensive-- more things fit the "Hey, that looks good!" category.

    I have the same problem of missing my clothes. I'm wearing a size 16 Geoffrey Bean pinstriped above-the-knee skirt. It's waaaay too big around the waist, and it's not really alluring any more because it drops down around my hips :(

    I actually think your plaid pants are really cute.

  4. i remember the first time i lost a lot of weight, when i was a teenager, the new clothes that looked cute was the best part.