Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Great work out day

Yesterday was the season premier of The Biggest Loser, and I had never seen the show before but since many people have mentioned the show on their blogs I figured I would watch it. It's an interesting show and by the end I was literally cheering them on from my living room sofa.

When I woke up this morning I was motivated to work out, I ran 3.5 miles then brought my bike in to get the tires fixed so I could ride my bike around town again (it has been sitting on my deck with a flat tire for weeks), and then I decided to give Zumba a try again tonight... and I rode my bike to the gym. It's a good thing that I did all that exercise because my eating wasn't great today, it wasn't terrible but I really wanted to eat anything and everything. I have always been a bored eater, when I can't think of something else to do I look in refrigerator. While sitting on the couch channel surfing to kill time (since I had the afternoon off from work) I wanted nothing more than to eat... eat chips or ice cream but I don't keep that around anymore so I had some grapes. When I finished those I wanted something else so I decided it would be a better idea to get out of the house for a while.

Came home in time for dinner and my urge to empty the refrigerator (much like Cookie Monster emptying a cookie jar) had passed and I am ready to settle in for the night.

PS... if you ever try Zumba and feel lost after the first class give it another try, it gets much easier the second time around.


  1. Great job with the workout today! !I love those days, when you just "get it done", you know? Awesome feeling!! I've never tried Zumba but it looks like good fun

  2. You rock, 3.5 miles PLUS zumba! Hats off! Grapes are a good choice for the munchies.

  3. Nice on having fruit for the snack attack and then getting out of the house and away from the fridge! And all the exercise you got today? Kudos to you!

  4. What a great day of exercise! Great job!