Thursday, July 23, 2009

yummy yummy yummy

I just had a very yummy dinner... if you have been craving something creamy and cheesy you should try this it won't ruin your diet but your tastebuds will think you did. This idea came from the current weight watchers magazine (not really a recipe just a comment in one of the success stories). To a skillet I added 2T of vegetable broth, heated it on high heat until it was boiling. Then I added half a bag of spinach and cooked it on high heat. When it was almost done I added one wedge of low-lat laughing cow cheese and let it melt. It was so creamy and cheesy it made a great side dish to my veggie burger and fruit. With only 15 calories in the broth, 20 calories in the spinach and 35 calories in the cheese that is a 70 calorie side dish that tastes like 200 calories. Go ahead try it... Well... What are you waiting for?

Running went well this morning and I must have put on about 8 miles walking around town today. I had my littlest niece today (see is a very cute 1 1/2) and she loves to go for walks. We wouldn't be back at the house for 30 minutes and she would be pointing outside and asking to go again... and as her aunt I reserve the right to spoil her and do whatever she asks me to do.

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