Monday, July 13, 2009

run for fun?

This is one of my nieces, she is six years old and ran her first race this weekend. She did great and was very proud of her new running outfit and the ribbon she received when crossing the finish line.

I have been thinking about exercise today... what do I want to do, what should I do, what can I do? I was reading the Fat (free) me blog and she mentioned the couch to 5 k program. The reason I think running may be something I could get into is because my family has really gotten into running in the past couple years. They spend many weekends participating in 5K's ,10K's and half marathons. They seem to enjoy it and I enjoy going to cheer as they cross the finish line. I can only assume I would also enjoy a good cheer from the crowd. I did some poking around on itunes and found a couch to 5k program that I subscribed to. It suggests starting out with three days a week, so for "Week One" the goal is Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday for the fist podcast. I will reevaluate after week one.

Wish me luck!


  1. Go for it! You'll kick butt on the C25K, I'm sure!

  2. I recently heard about the C25K and am considering starting, but I'm scared. I had childhood asthma, so as a kid I really hated running, and deep down I'm still afraid I won't be able to. Let us know how it goes... maybe you'll inspire me ;)

  3. good luck with the c25k! i have been saying i'm going to start it, but it is so stinkin hot! i'm sure you will do amazing!