Monday, July 27, 2009


Before I started dieting I never wanted to eat breakfast. Reason one: I don't really care for breakfast foods. Reason two: I wasn't hungry at breakfast. Although, to be honest, before I started dieting I don't know if I was ever hungry I just ate when I felt like eating and/or when I thought it was time to eat. Now I actually get hungry, I want to eat in the morning because instead of filling my plate with 3-4 servings of pasta the night before I had one serving of whole wheat pasta with fruits and vegetables filling the rest of my plate. I skip the late night ice cream or cake sugar fix and now I wake up in the morning with energy. I want to get up and start moving (typically I do my couch to 5K) and guess what? I am actually hungry in the morning.


  1. I was the same in the past - didn't care much for breakfast. Nowadays, I can hardly wait!

  2. Same here - and when I woke up hungry in the morning, I finally started dropping the weight!