Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 1 Week 1

Today was day one of couch to 5K... after work I went to the Y and tried it on the treadmill. By minute nine my feet were protesting, "Hey this isn't the routine. We worked all day and now is the time you sit your arse and see what the Gods of Tivo suggested you watch." But my brain wouldn't let me quit. I went through two running intervals and then three. My calves started to join the protest, "Come on, that's good enough, we worked hard all day we deserve to take a break at night." But my brain wouldn't let me quit. By the time I reached the fifth and six running intervals my feet were sore and my brain said, "The feet are making some good points."

I did have to pause my ipod once and walk for a couple minutes, but then I started back up and finished the whole thing. I decided two things. First, the next time I run I am going to forgo the treadmill, I think setting my own pace instead of selecting a pace from a list may be easier. Second, I may need to do the "week one" podcast for more than one week. I will see how Friday goes.


  1. Stick with it - it really does become easier and a lot faster than you would think!

    and.... WELL DONE - you are now a RUNNER!

  2. Awesome job! You actually started, and that's half the battle right there.