Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Low-Fat Tuesday

This morning, after my fourth couch to 5k, I decided I feel great. When the voice came through my ear phones and asked, "Are you ready for the final run interval?" I no longer wanted to reach through my ipod and smack that guy across the face. I actually was ready to run and I did... through each interval without having to hit the pause button to catch my breath. So when I got home I logged onto itunes and put the second week of couch to 5K on my playlist . I am going to start week two tomorrow morning. I thought it would take me a couple more days but I think I am ready. I will see how it goes. Today I also made some healthy vegetable soup. I never use a recipe I just through whatever fresh and frozen veggies I have on hand into a pot and simmer in vegetable stock for a while. I seemed to have a lot of veggies today so I think I am going to be having soup for the rest of the week... or maybe month (there is a lot).


  1. Your an encouragment to me. I have a lot of weight to loose and I've been nervous about running. So far I have just been walking. Keep up the great work!

  2. Great news on WK2 - go for it, you will fine (and LOL at wanting to smack Robert Ullrey accross the face - so funny!).

    Mmmm, soup, sounds good....

  3. Great job with doing the couch to 5k!

    - Lisa

  4. Wow . . . you are doing c25k AND eating vegetable soup? We are so in sync today! I linked over from the Healthy You Challenge. Congrats on your progress and not wanting to smack the voices in your ipod.