Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I started week three of couch to 5K this morning and it went great, I made it through the entire podcast in one try. I was feeling rather proud of myself so I decided to get a little more exercise this afternoon. I figured it would be fun the take my bike some place. When I started out on my bike there was a breeze coming at me but I figured it would get better... well it didn't. As it turns out a chubby girl on bicycle isn't very aerodynamic. The wind pushing against me made it feel like I was peddling up hill the entire distance. When I did actually come to a hill I think I may have technically died for a few seconds. I went and said hello to my mom, took a trip to the mall, and ended up going to see the movie "The Ugly Truth" (It was cute if you like that "boy meets girl...etc.." type of movie). With the wind at my back the trip home was breeze (I apologize for the awful pun... feel free to groan). It may have been difficult but I didn't quit and just turn around, even though I contemplated that idea about every 15 seconds.

Hope you are all having a fantastic week.

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  1. Hey, good for you. Wind resistance = more calories.