Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I saw this (see title) on a t-shirt the other day and it feels pretty appropriate for me right now. It means A Dead Last Finish is greater than A Did Not Finish which is much greater than A Did Not Start. I think is a great sentiment for anyone starting a running/walking program but it feels very appropriate for me today because I am going to a 5K run/walk this weekend. My younger sister would like to start running so she called and asked if I wanted to do this run/walk with her. I have been jogging most mornings but since my iPod broke I just run when I feel like running, jog when I feel like jogging and walk when I feel like walking. This morning I decided to see how far a 5k really is. I went to google maps and traced a path from my house in a loop around town until I found one that was 3.1 miles. I headed out early this morning to try out the 5K. I discovered that 3.1 miles is a lot further than it sounds. I told my sister we may finish last but we will finish... and really that's enough for now.

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