Friday, February 12, 2010

The Perfect 10: Update

Perfect 10 Challenge Update

1) I am going to try at least one new fitness activity every week... even if it is just a new piece of equipment at the gym or some group exercise class.

This week I tried a BOSU class... Have you ever noticed that you determine how difficult a class is going to be by how fit the people are that show up for the class? When I showed up to BOSU I knew it was going to be tough because I outweighed everyone in the room by at least 50 pounds and they all looked like they were in great shape. It was a 1 hour class and was mostly strength training with just enough cardio to keep the heart rate up... I was expecting more cardio. All in all a great workout and I am so close to being able to do the girly push-up. I will conquer the push-up!

2) I am going to workout a minimum of 4 hours each week... even when I work everyday.

I got in one run (stupid snow storm), two zumba classes, time with the personal trainer, one BOSU class, and a couple workouts on the elliptical. Total hours 7.

3) I will lose at least 10 pounds.

Didn't weigh myself... however, since I was at the end of my month with the personal trainer I had her remeasure. I lost 1/2 an inch off my waist, chest, each arms and each thigh and 3/4 and inch off my hips. Not too bad.

And lastly the thing you might not know about me...

I didn't go to college right out of high school. I enrolled when I was 24 and I am really glad I decided to go back to school, not only because of the education. Being in college really helped me evolve into a more happy, outgoing, and confident person.


  1. Sounds like you did great with the workouts. Congrats on the inches lost :)

  2. You lost nearly 4 inches in a month? Nice!!!

  3. Nice job on your workout hours! You exceeded your goal by 75%!

    I like the idea of trying out one new activity a week. That's how I got into hiking.

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