Wednesday, December 23, 2009

That Felt Great

Today was the calm before the storm... we are supposed to get hit with a big blizzard tonight and into Christmas. Today was hovering around 30 degrees with no wind and the snow from the last storm is off the roads (if not the sidewalks). One of my goals for the week was getting in at least 4 workouts (two 90 min. and two 60 min). Yesterday I had a great 90 min. workout at the YMCA and today I decided I would try hitting the road for a run since running outdoors is not going to be an option for the next few days.

I am working nights this week so when I woke up I had to convince myself it was a good idea to get out of bed... that was a tough sell. But I let the devil and angel on my shoulders duke it for a 15 minutes and I pulled myself out of bed. It is always such a struggle to get myself moving. The thing that gets me moving is how wonderful I will feel when I am done. There is a natural high I get from running outdoors that I don't get with any other work out. I love Zumba and I really get a good work-out with it but I don't get that euphoric accomplished feeling I get when I am running. I am not sure what that is but I love it.

I did another 6 miles today and I am still under 200 pounds so the "Hot 100 goals" still great! Thanks to South Beach Steve for the idea it was a great motivator during the tough holiday season.


  1. It has amazed and pleased me to see how many people have found the Hot 100 motivating. I have to admit, I wouldn't have tried so hard on some of my goals without it.

    Great job - you have done awesome!

  2. The post-workout euphoria is what keeps me going as well. Have a wonderful holiday!
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