Thursday, December 17, 2009

Great work out night

I went to the gym for Zumba class last night and for some reason I got the time wrong... What? I have been doing this for months now and suddenly I forgot what time the class started. I was 30 minutes early for class so I decided to jump on the dreaded treadmill. I picked one in front of the television thinking the mindless chatter of a game show would distract me. I started by walking and the first question popped up... "What President comes last when alphabetizing by last name?" Hmmm... I should know this. So I started thinking and I guess drifting because suddenly I stepped off the moving part of the treadmill and stumbled a bit (you are probably wondering why I considered this a great workout, trust me it's coming). I had this image of falling and causing a domino effect across all the treadmills, which were full. Luckily that didn't happen and I decided watching television was dangerous (the answer was Woodrow Wilson by the way).

At minute 3 I increased my pace to 5.5 miles an hour and on the treadmill next to me a woman (with a rocking body) gets on and starts running. She looks over and says hello. I am a pretty friendly person so I smiled and we starting chatting back and forth. She was regretting eating nachos before running and I was regretting eating that chocolate chip cookie. It turns out she runs marathons and she gave me a lot of good tips and a lot of motivation. Before I knew it my 30 minutes was up and it was time for Zumba.

I think I need a workout buddy.

I head over to the gym for an hour of Zumba (which is always a good time) and find out that on New Years Day the YMCA is going to have a Zumba-thon. FUN! What a great way to ring in the new year.

One last thing I would like to say congrats to Fat Free Me who reached her goal weight this week. That is so exciting and such great motivation for the rest of us who are almost there, or half way there or no where near there. She did it and so can the rest of us! You Rock!


  1. Great job on the treadmill. I love having a workout buddy too! That is something that really gets me motivated too! The Zumbathon sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. Workout buddies make everything better. I love mine!!

  3. Having someone to workout with is a great idea. It is a great way to encourage each other. Also, if you know that someone is meeting you at the gym, it forces you to put down the remote control and get off the couch.

    One of the things I like about using a personal trainer is that having him there watching makes me work harder. I don't want to look like a wimp after all! LOL!

  4. So nice to find someone to chat with at the gym!