Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weigh-in Day

I must say I have been a terrible blogger lately. I haven't posted since Monday but I have been reading - I promise. I have just had some things (unrelated to weight) on my mind this week. A couple weeks ago I, quite accidentally, came across a job posting for a position I think I would really like but it would involve moving to an even smaller, more northern town. I thought about it for about 1/2 a day and decided to apply anyway... hey maybe they wouldn't even call and then at least I can say I tried. Well this week they called for an interview. Just to set the scene; I enjoyed living in the city and I hadn't planned on moving back to the "North Woods" of Wisconsin but things just happened that way. Really, I am perfectly happy here and I don't regret trading concerts and vegetarian restaurants for more time with my family. Right now I don't see much of a trade off in moving further north. I told one of my Milwaukee friends about the job and he asked, "There is something north of you besides Canada?" I go back and forth between praying I don't get the job and excitement about having a different job (aka making more $).

Anyway, that is what has been on my mind while I was MIA this week just to reassure anyone who suspected I was elbow deep in a turtle cheesecake or something like that.

This weeks weigh-in was good... 209.8, a 3.8 pound loss.

Next week I am going to Milwaukee for Halloween. Hopefully I can keep up the diet over Halloween.

Hot 100 goals are still going strong... only 9.8 pounds to go before I weigh less than 200, that's exciting!
I am planning on running 4.5 miles again this week but am planning an increase to 5 miles next week. 6.2 miles here I come!


  1. Hey, that's wonderful! My gosh, seems like it was just yesterday you were in the 250s. We need updated pictures.

  2. WOW! You're almost *ONE*derland! Congrats!

  3. Sending you good thoughts re job position and decision process. I am curious to know how your 4.5 miler goes. And....yes...less than 10 pounds to onederland is excellent, indeed. Well done! Keep being strong and moving are an inspiration!

  4. RCA, I wish you the best in your decision. Those types of decisions are always tough.

  5. You are so close to one-derland!! Good for you!
    That should motivate you to get through Halloween!
    Your running is amazing. I hope I can get to that point!

  6. You are like a machine! Keep up the great work! I know you will make the right decision with the job, things always work out the way the are intended :-)