Monday, October 19, 2009


If you read my previous post you already know that I hit the 50 pounds gone marker this week so I received the milestone award from 266 and I would like to say thank you. It's a great reward-award that I appreciate it.

Because of the number that appeared on the scale this week I was feeling pretty good about things so I decided to try on the size 16 jeans I had sitting on my dresser. I held up the first pair and I thought "these are never going to fit." To my surprise I pulled them all the way up and buttoned them without any struggle at all. I didn't have to lay on the bed to get them zipped and I felt comfortable wearing them. I thought maybe I misread the size so I took them off and sure enough they are a 16... the second pair also fit. Awesome! These are jeans that I had sitting in my closet for a few years (since the last time I lost weight) and every year when I go to dig for my Christmas decorations or an old text book I stumble across them and look at them longingly for a few seconds before sighing and putting them back in the box.
The last time I lost weight I moved 1500 miles from home for a temporary job. I was away from my family and friends for six months (although I met a lot of great people there) and I focused on work and eating healthy. I didn't have friends around to ask me if I wanted to split a pizza or share a popcorn at the movie. When the job was finished I returned to my friends and family and (unfortunately) my bad habits. On my trip home I was a size 16 and wearing the same pair of jeans I am wearing right now... it took me over a year to put all the weight back on.
Suddenly it dawned on me, from this point on I am in completely uncharted territory I have never in my teen or adult life been smaller than a size 16, I have jeans in my closet that vary in size from 22 to 16 but nothing in a 14 or a 12. I am not even sure what I will look like as a size 12 or a 10.
In my previous attempt to lose weight I completely removed temptation from my life, I didn't go out to eat and I bought single serving size portions of food so there wasn't even the opportunity to snack at night. This time, however, I have gone out to eat, went on vacation, had parties and met friends for a night out. Now the holiday seasons are upon us and I have considered banishing all things sweet (including ingredients to bake sweets) from my cupboards. However, I am thinking maybe this isn't the way to go maybe it would be better to face temptations head on.

How do you plan to confront the holiday season?


  1. Oh, wow, I missed the 50lb milestone post - well done!

    And well done on the size 16s - woo-hoo!

    Looking forward to see you move down the sizes too.

  2. Hey, that's a wonderful feeling, isn't it? I was highly doubtful of the 14s at the mall a few months ago but they all fit. On some level we think of size as immutable.

    Re the temptation thing, I have kind of a funny halfway setup around here. I do keep chocolate and sometimes there's leftover cookies. If it's something really super tempting for me (licorice) I'll ask someone to hide it until next cheat day, where depending on whom I gave it to, I may or may not get it back :) I keep chocolate and fudgesicles because I don't want my kids to view these things as exotic forbidden territory. I'm used to them so if I overdo, it's not by a lot. But I don't expect to keep my absolute favorite things in the cupboard without getting into them. Of course if you're eating plenty of high quality food the temptation is more manageable.

  3. Uncharted territory doesn't have to be a scary place, because it's full of new things and places and adventures. You will totally do this and keep rocking, I have faith in you.


  4. You are awesome! You are making me so proud! Keep up the great work! I do not know what I am going to do for the holiday season. I am just hoping to keep things in moderation :-)

  5. I plan to make cookies and big meals and research beforehand the content of each. I know that if I KNOW what the nutritional info is, it makes it harder to eat it.
    I will also build in treats. I will exercise extra hard if I have to, but I will plan my weeks so that I can fit these in.

  6. You are doing amazing, putting on those jeans must have felt like a million bucks. I have a pair of size 14 jeans I want to fit into a gain, however I'm WAY WAY far away from that goal.

  7. First of all, how awesome! You are really doing great!

    Regarding banishing all sweet things - I am only speaking for myself here, as we are all different. I have to set strong boundries or I fail. For me, it is better to banish all things sweet. As I said, that is just me though.

  8. Well done on the 16s!! How exciting. Maybe you should go to goodwill or Ross and buy a size 14 (and..heck...a size 12 too) pair of jeans....and hang them up up somewhere that you see them daily. That alone might help you through the holidays!

    I just bought a shopping bag full of halloween candy (it was on sale...)....we live in a busy halloween neighborhood so we always need a lot. In past years...I hide the bag from the kids but I am always dipping into it. So far this year...I have zero desire. Had it been here last week, tho...there might have been trouble.

    I cut out most carbs this week and it has made a big (huge) difference in my willpower. Suddenly, I am just indifferent to the candy and stuff. I made the kids pumpkin pancakes with mini choc chips for breakfast and enjoyed the smell...but truly just had no interest in eating one even tho they were gluten free. I had my two eggs with zucc and mushrooms and onions...topped with a little avocado and salsa instead and was quite satisfied. personal solution for the holidays is to stay low carb throughout. When I have carbs...even just 1/2 cup of healthy brown triggers something in my. Erg. So..that is my plan. Will I be perfect between now and Jan 1? Doubtful. But, I'm gonna try!!