Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Perfect Ten Update

The Perfect 10 challenge Update

1) I am going to try at least one new fitness activity every week... even if it is just a new piece of equipment at the gym or some group exercise class.

My new fitness activity this week was weight training. The session involved a lot of new activities which have made my arms so sore today that it hurts to type. Ok not that bad but I can sure feel it. Flying push-ups are interesting. The trainer asked if I can do push-ups and I said, "not even one." She had me do a flying push-up which involves starting in push-up position lowering yourself completely to the ground and putting your arms out strait to the side like you are flying and then bringing yours back in and pushing yourself back up. I did two sets of ten!

2) I am going to workout a minimum of 4 hours each week... even when I work everyday.

This was easy to accomplish this week because I had a lot of days off from work. Friday I did two hours of Zumba, on Monday one hour of zumba, Tuesday one hour of zumba and one hour with the trainer, today I am hoping to get in a run and Zumba, and tomorrow another Zumba class. That is five hours so far and 8 hours total if I do everything I hope to do in the next two days.

3) I will lose at least 10 pounds.

I haven't weighed myself since the first of the year so I will have to update this next week.

And lastly the thing you might not know about me...

I am attempting to create a "cup cookie" for when I serve hot cocoa to my nieces and nephew. It involves finding the right cookie type and the right cookie shape to sit on the edge of a coffee mug filled with hot chocolate and whip cream. This was my first attempt. Don't worry I am not eating the leftover cookies.


  1. That is awesome about the workouts! The cookie cup is so adorable :-) I hope you have a great day! I am glad that you did a good job with the trainer. Did they push you more than you thought they would?

  2. OOOOH a good shape for a cup cookie would be a rounded daisy-ish flower. Slit up the bottom between two petals. That way you see the entire shape from the outside but one of the petals gets saturated with delicious cocoa!

    Way to go on your goals!

  3. Are you liking the trainer?

    I am having trouble meeting my exercise times now that I am working again. I need some new at-home options, I think.

    The cookies are dear! That is so good for kids, to have an auntie to do fun things with.

  4. My mouth is watering at the sight of those cookies.
    Great job on the goal list!

  5. What a sweet Aunt you are - I love the cup-cookie!!!

    GREAT JOB on your workouts this week!!!

  6. Great update! Once you get the cookie figured out I bet you could make some money off of that.

    Make it a Perfect 10!

  7. Great friggin' idea with that cookie. That is genius!!

    Man, I heart Zumba too. It sounds like you are going through a boot camp with all that exercise. I wish I could do it all with you. Damn job. I am working out everyday but I kinda had to give up my Zumba for the moment.

    How do you like running?

  8. I just found your blog and really enjoyed it. I have worked with a trainer too. They push you so much more than if you do it alone. I'm always amazed what my body is able to do...if pushed. I've seen Zumba, but have never tried it. Well, good luck on your weight loss journey.

  9. Great job on the Perfect Ten - those pushups sound hard to do... great for you for getting them done.

  10. Great job on the challenge this week! Flying push-ups huh? Maybe there is hope for me after all. Have a great week two!