Thursday, November 12, 2009

Great Work-Out Week

I was a work out freak this week, getting in a workout everyday. Saturday I had Zumba, Sunday a run, Monday a run, Tuesday zumba class and a run, Wednesday water yoga, a 4 mile walk and zumba class, and Today was a run and zumba class. I was feeling particularly energetic today before going for my run so I mapped out a 10K route and decided to see how well I could do on this hot 100 goal. I didn't run the entire distance (but I didn't expect to either) but I ran for most of it walking for about 1/2 mile, maybe a little more. I am feeling pretty confident that I will make this goal.

Also I had a fun NSV this week... I was taking a walk around our local mall looking for good deals. I wandering into Payless shoes and one thing I have always wanted was pair of knee high black boots but I have never been able to get a pair completely zipped. I saw a pair that I liked a lot, although the heel was a bit higher than I would like. I pulled them on fully expecting them not to zip but they did! All the way up over my calf and I loved them. That night I was going to a see old silent Laurel and Hardy movies with my movie group so I put on a knee length red and black skirt and my new black boots... I loved it! I have always wanted to wear something like that.


  1. Oooh, boots! I want boots!

    I finally bought zumba shoes. The pivot point does help with those slidey moves.

    My hat's off-- that was a great exercise week.

  2. Oh, so jealous about the boots! No, I will be happy for you that at least SOMEONE is getting to wear them! Congrats, that IS a great NSV!!

  3. YAY! You are awesome! Look at all of that excercise, you are a machine :-)