Saturday, November 7, 2009

aghhh... what a week

I like to run... I run for fun... I run for fun in the hot hot sun.

Dr. Seuss poems aside I haven't been running in the hot hot sun for over a month I have actually been running in the cold cold wind but that doesn't really rhyme. Anyway, I changed up my run a little this week mostly because it gets dark so early now and I don't get done with work until it's fairly late. When I work days I can often talk myself out of running since it's late, I'm tired and it's dark (and kinda creepy) on some of the streets along my route. So this week I was working days and I decided I had to patch this loop hole before I fall completely in and lose my running motivation for the winter. So instead of in increasing my mileage this week I attempted to increase my pace with speed intervals. It takes me about an hour to run 4.7 miles so instead I found a 40 minute program that takes me through a warm-up, a set of speed intervals, an endurance run and another set of speed intervals. The speed intervals are ten minutes long with one minute at a slower pace and one minute at a fast racing pace. I figured with a workout that is 20 minutes shorter I would be less likely to talk myself out of running when I get home late and am dead on my feet. So I did better with running this week but only had time for one Zumba class... working a swing shift kinda sucks sometimes... but now I am on my 7 days off... working swing shift is kinda sweet sometimes.

I did my weigh-in this morning and the scale showed 206.4 that is a 2.2 pound loss for the week and it's about what I expected. Still well on my way to accomplishing the Hot 100 goals of being less than 200 pounds and increasing my running distance to a full 10k. (I am hoping to find a 10k route that I can run/walk at least once this week while I am off).


  1. I'm so impressed that you figured out a way to get your run in with this new early darkness! The daylight keeps getting away from me and I have only ridden my bike once since DST ended - boo on me!

    Congrats on losing the 2.2 - that is awesome and you are doing so great!!!

  2. My hat is so off to you. Running over four miles? Awesome. 2.2 pounds is wonderful. You're on well on track!

  3. Great loss and your mileage is awesome!

  4. You are SOOOOO close to exciting! Cheering you on from the dark cold NW....I am running indoors these days. Not as fun....but, it is what it is for now.